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He was one of the leading lights of the Dharma Samsad of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which was in the forefront of the Ram Temple movement at Ayodhya. Yet no secular, liberal politician would dare call him a Hindu bigot or communal. 


Aatish Taseer, journalist and writer wrote an article titled “I am Indian. Why Is the Government Sending Me Into Exile?” in Time magazine dated November 8, 2019 that explicitly charged the Prime Minister of India with malice towards him. 

Life Story

Grand success for the 1st Thuglak 50th Year Celebrations Meeting at Kumbakonam. Around 1250 in attendance in a packed auditorium with passionate speeches feeding their ears.


Many believe the demonetisation announced on November 8, 2016 was a whimsical move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi even as he stuck to form by obtaining prior approval of the Reserve Bank of India before announcing the momentous decision. Others contend that while the move was announced suddenly in order to take everyone by surprise, it was nevertheless premeditated. 

Life Story

The Narendra Modi government is not to be judged by the election manifesto, which is the party’s approach for 5 years of governance. The governance deficit left behind by the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) which the Modi government faced is something unprecedented.